Build Your Film PR Strategy At The Start

“Working with Spectacle Creative Media was such a fantastic experience. I felt like they really listened to what we needed and were able to have the foresight and creativity to open doors.”
Matthew Ladensack
Matthew Ladensack
“Spectacle Creative Media helped navigate my way through SXSW. Tamaryn politely pushes hard, which is the best quality in any publicist. She’s rock-n-roll.”

Joel Potrykus
“PR is one of the most important things to have on your independent film team from the start. They can help link your film to money and distribution.”

Joseph Scott Anthony
Joseph Scott Anthony
Film Producer / Actor (SAG-AFTRA)
Pre-Production Meeting Publicity

PR Strategy

• Activation
• Announcements
• Websites
• Crowdfunding (Kickstarter)
• Product Placements

Film Camera

Unit Publicity

• Manage Photographer(s)
• Manage Behind-the-Scenes
• Press Kit + Electronic PK
• Media Relations & Press visits
• Prevent set leaks
• VIP set visits

Joel Potrykus Sob Nosse Josh Burge Ashley Young SXSW Buzzard Premiere

Festival PR

• Press Releases
• Influencers & Film Reviews
• Red Carpets
• Press Junkets
• Panel Moderation

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