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What People Are Saying About Our Film Publicity

“Spectacle Creative Media helped navigate my way through SXSW. Tamaryn politely pushes hard, which is the best quality in any publicist. She’s rocknroll.”

– writer/director, Joel Potrykus

“Publicists are one of the most important people to link your film to money and distribution.”

– producer/SAG-AFTRA actor, Joseph Scott Anthony

“Working with Tamaryn Tobian was such a fantastic experience. I felt like she really listened to what we needed and was able to have the foresight and creativity to open doors.”

– writer/director, Matthew Ladensack


Work with a Film Publicist from the Start: Pre-production & Unit Publicity

tamaryn tobian grand rapids feminist film festival panel discussionCenter: Film Publicist, Tamaryn Tobian, at the Grand Rapids Feminist Film Festival, Michigan

Every film, big budget or small budget, needs unit publicity. For indie films, it’s often the producer or sometimes the director that wears this hat. Your film will be more successful if you have someone dedicated to managing and coordinating the film’s publicity assets. A film publicist. These assets may include:


  • Crowdfunding strategies & campaign publicity
  • Product placements
  • Assisting with building a website strategy
  • Activating, building, managing, and monitoring social media accounts


  • Coordinating on set visuals including managing the Stills Photographer(s) & BTS
  • Developing the Press Kit and/or Electronic Press Kit (EPK)
  • On set Media Relations—keeping the press informed or preventing set leaks
  • Onset visits with Media or VIP

Post Production

  • Media Relations & story pitching—high profile reviews, endorsements and quotes
  • Managing the publicity & marketing deliverables for festivals or distribution

Having a dedicated, skilled professional in this role will ensure that nothing important is missed and it guarantees that your film will have a cache of the right materials to promote your film long into the future.

Give your project the best start. Let’s talk about your publicity needs.

Distribution Strategy & Publicity

Major distributors often ask “Who is your film’s publicist?” Having a skilled professional guiding your film’s public strategy is something that can set your film up for success and so often sets your film or creative project from the rest of the pack.
Every filmmaker or content creator has a different strategy for earning a profit on their film or creative project. Some wish to submit to festivals, others want to sell to a distributor, still others want to self distribute. The publicity needs for each of these paths are different, and a publicist will be able to guide you effectively.
It may include:

  • Growing an awareness and a fan base
  • Developing a festival submissions strategy
  • Managing the publicity around a major event such as a premiere or acceptance into a major festival such as Sundance or SXSW

Are you Ready to talk about your publicity needs?

How much should we budget for Publicity?

Each film or creative project and its strategy is different and therefore has unique needs. However, filmmakers and content creators should budget for at least an additional 10 to 20 percent of their total production budget for publicity expenses. Typically, this will cover your film publicist’s professional fees, graphic design, photography, printing, some advertising, local premiere costs, festival submission fees, promotional travel, and some unforeseen publicity costs.

We understand that publicity is a large commitment. We also know that it’s important to the success of your film or project. The sooner you talk to a skilled publicist, the sooner you’ll be able to estimate what your film or creative project needs and better plan for its specific publicity costs.

Can we help you with your publicity?

Who We’ve Worked With

Feature Films or Film Series
BUZZARD (a SXSW 2014 premiere)
Burst Theory
For the Life of the World: Letters to the Exiles
God Bless the Broken Road
Saugatuck Cures
Aussie indie action film, Zombie Ninjas vs Black Ops

Directors, Production Companies & Actors
Joseph Scott Anthony
Harold Cronk
Ralph Lister
Joel Potrykus
Caleb Slain
Sob Noisse

Stage 32

Grand Rapids Film Society
Media Arts Coalition of West Michigan
Grand Rapids Film Festival (2012 & 2013)

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