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Our clients have included award-winning filmmakers, bestselling authors, award-winning musicians, up-and-coming tech companies, and non-profits such as film festivals and media arts organizations. How we can help you?

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Guest Post: Rental Houses are a critical Small Business piece to the filmmaking puzzle
Dave Lowing Light and GripDave Lowing testing lighting equipment.
Photo courtesy of Lowing Light & Grip

For National Small Business week (all May long) our friend, Stephen M. Paulsen, at Lowing Light & Grip, put together this fantastic explanation of how independent, small businesses are the backbone to the filmmaking industry. Filmmaking, at its core, is a collaboration of small businesses working together to create a creative product.  

You may have already read Why every Indie Film is a Small Business, and the beautiful thing about producing filmed entertainment is the depth of connections that are made to other Small Businesses. The making of any filmed project requires many cooperating small and virtual businesses that supply resources and specific skills that are not available in a Film Producer’s employee pool. The making of any feature length film requires dozens, or hundreds, of such cooperating businesses. For a Film Producer, an Equipment Rental House is one of the most important and essential cooperative businesses for his or her project.

If the shoe fits: Why we say yes to projects.

Alejandro Escamilla (On Unsplash)

We can’t think of anything more fun than grabbing a cup of coffee or hot chocolate and discussing creative ideas. Well, except for maybe talking to the media about exciting creative projects. So we will always find time to meet and talk with up-and-coming filmmakers who are looking for ways to increase visibility around their project. And not just filmmakers! We work with non-film clients too. And maybe you’re wondering, “How do you choose which projects to work on?” That’s a good question. Small businesses run lean and have to make a lot of tough business decisions. The biggest decisions we make here at Spectacle Creative Media are whether or not to take on a project or client.

Why Every Indie Film is a Small Business
 Joseph Scott Anthony, Dan Irving, Burst Theory Film Set
On the set of Burst Theory

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “there’s no business like show business.” And while there tends to be more glitz and glamor making a movie than there is coding a website, in reality, the principals of business between filming a movie or launching a startup business are largely the same. For Small Business week, we thought we would dive into many of the ways each film is in its own right a business. Quite literally. Each film or production company has to file as a business entity. Just have a look at some of the creative (and boring) LLC names from some of the films that have worked with the Michigan Film office.

Ask yourself this question to keep moving forward.

What held you back today?
I ask myself that question every day. I’ve learned that regardless of whether or not you’re the one running the show, there will be things that get in our way. Some are obvious: your hard drive crashed. But more often, the things holding us back are less obvious because they’re things we’re doing unintentionally. Procrastinating. Losing track of time. Having doubts.

I’m not going to tell you the five things you should do before bed to remove stress from your life. Those posts exists. What I am going to share with you is something I’ve learned during my small business journey thus far: if you want your business to grow you must be willing to change. And you will not change unless you know what needs to change. That means getting real with yourself as much as it means getting real about the bottom line.