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We are a boutique public relations and brand strategy firm located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We help filmmakers, distributors, entertainment & tech companies, authors & publishers, small businesses, and non-profits connect with their audience.


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5 Things You Should Look For In Your Publicist

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Recently, we’ve been diving into what you should expect of your publicist when they’re on the job. But you may be asking, “What characteristics should I be looking for in a potential PR practitioner before I bring them on my team?”

The needs of every project will vary slightly, and maybe one publicist will have that extra oomph that makes working with them a no-brainer. Here’s a quick hit list of skills you’ll want your publicist to have. Our hope is that this list will help you find the best candidate for your needs.

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We’ve updated our look but kept our SPARK.

Updated Look. Same Spectacle Style.


We’ve always felt we had a strong logo, having received many compliments on our overall branding. However, we knew we could improve it and in doing so better communicate who we are, what we do, and what’s important to us. Therefore, we viewed our logo with a critical eye and realized we could make a few simple tweaks that would better reflect the meaning behind it.

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Spectacle Stories: Why You Should Let Your Publicist Interrogate You

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When you first start engaging with a film publicist (especially if you have little to no experience working with one), it can feel a little uncomfortable. Don’t be surprised if the first couple days working alongside your new public relations practitioner are filled with rapid fire, interrogation style questions. For some, these blunt, no-nonsense Q&A sessions can be nerve-racking or even offensive. You might ask yourself, Seriously? You’re asking me what kind of camera I’m using? But just understand that these questions are all meant to help you and your bottom line.

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Why You Don’t Need to Hire A Hollywood Publicist


If you’re making a film that’s budget conscious—and what film isn’t—you don’t need to be looking to the East Coast or West Coast to hire publicity help. You should be turning your gaze to the Midwest, home to a number of talented people working in the entertainment industry. (Yes, you read that right. There’s an industry here.) And trust us, there’s a lot of perks to working with people on the Freshwater Coast. We put together a quick list of reasons why you should look to us for publicity help versus a metropolis firm.

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